• Chainsaw skills & Mitre Saw Training Courses

    Chainsaw skills & Mitre Saw Training Courses

Chainsaw, Skill Saws & Mitre Saws Training Courses Chelmsford

This course is ideal for those working, or looking to work, in a role where they must operate chainsaws and/or skill saws. Training will provide delegates with a working knowledge of these saws as well as an understanding of correct maintenance. Delegates will also be informed of health and safety measures which they should undertake in order to protect themselves and those around them. This course can be delivered at novice or experienced level, with refreshers also available.

Some of the things you will learn include:

  • Health and safety: correct storage methods, safe operating procedures, common causes of accidents and how to prevent them, understand operational hazards, safety devices, identify the health and safety features of each saw, safety guards, protective clothing and equipment, complete pre-operational safety tests and checks, LEV System Isolation operation.
  • Working knowledge: cutting techniques, understanding the various uses for each saw, identifying and understanding parts, lubricating the chain, using the correct fuel.
  • Maintenance: cleaning process, routing care as described in the manufacturer’s instruction book, changing the chain, making adjustments, correct tools.
  • Operation: starting from hot or cold, stopping the saw, using the correct equipment with the saw.
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